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COVID Conspiracy

What does this have to do with Liberty or Freedom? Before I answer that, let me say that the COVID virus is 100% real. There is no question that it’s real, it has real effects, and people have died from it. The conspiracy lies in our government’s response to it.

After listening to the media, that is largely untruthful or inaccurate, podcasters, and professionals, I believe that our government intentionally ignores viable and affordable treatment options in order to profit. Once trusted entities have orchestrated a scenario where the American people have been coerced to believe that their only option is a vaccine. The vaccines generate billions and because of this, the American people are being mandated to take the vaccine or face poverty. This deliberate and calculated attack on our Liberty should alarm every American, but it won’t. We do have a significant percentage of the population that will follow the narrative out of ignorance, laziness, or worse, fear.

This fear and relationship with our government is at large, a perversion of capitalism. I believe that this relationship has cultivated the movement toward socialism/communism in factions of this country. So, those of us that are anti-socialism/communism can blame the corrupt perversion of capitalism for creating the movement.

This being my first post on this blog, I hope to elicit engagement so I’ll end here to see what any readers think.

Published by Jason Looney

Husband, father, grandfather, Patriot. If you’re looking for a good influence…keep looking.

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