Dr. Faucenstein

As previously positioned, the government’s response to COVID is fraudulent. We aren’t looking at anything beyond a vaccine and booster for a long term approach. A person with serious symptoms won’t be helped by a vaccine; it won’t keep them out of the hospital. A vaccine, especially this one, won’t even keep you from getting it. Real treatment for COVID including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been discredited by the establishment. We’re being fed a narrative that the vaccine and masks are our only hope, and that those choosing not to get it are evil or selfish. Why?

We’re ignoring science, at this point, and using fear to make a select few very rich. Dr. Faucenstein’s fear machine has many Americans convinced they’ll die without a mask and a jab. It’s ludicrous.

First of all, I am pro-vaccine. I have the COVID vaccine on board, just like I get a flu shot every year. But I’m under no illusion that offers immunity from contracting COVID. It may lessen the symptoms, it may not. However, the sole reason that I chose to get the shot under these circumstances was because my livelihood was threatened if I didn’t. Otherwise, I likely would’ve waited for a traditional vaccine with better efficacy. Also, I don’t think the vaccine will kill me.

I am however whole heartedly against mandates, of any kind. What gives a micro-group of our society the right to tell me I have to inject something into my body? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. As far as mask mandates, there are several reports that most masks have zero impact on stopping the spread.

Again, we’re being fed a ton of horseshit that is making a few folks incredibly rich. Hell, I wish I owned stock in Pfizer, M3, and J&J. I’d be retired –

Why are Americans so afraid? Because our government says we should be? We have a Bill of Rights specifically to protect us against a tyrannical government. It’s time to grow our spines back.

Published by Jason Looney

Husband, father, grandfather, Patriot. If you’re looking for a good influence…keep looking.

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