Better Health

I was listening to one of my favorite podcast recently and one of the things discussed was, of course, COVID. It’s absurd that we can’t get through a single day anymore without some focus on it. But, I digress…

What was said that I have been pondering was the correlation between COVID deaths and co-morbidity. The one most common is obesity.

The train of thought that followed was really about how that came to be. The host and guest discussed that there should be equal, if not more, focus on obesity as an epidemic, eating right, and making healthier choices. But we as Americans allow ourselves to be unhealthy. We want the quick fix, get slim now, make my life perfect pill. That’s not reality. Being healthy is work, a lot of which is mental work and self discipline. That’s where most people fail.

Now, we’re tying everything about our personal health to COVID. Our government and pharmaceutical companies are telling us their vaccine is the only cure. Why are they not educating people on better nutrition and a more active lifestyle?

I’d like to tell you that it’s complicated, but it’s really not. The government and pharmaceutical companies don’t make money from healthy people. It’s really that simple. Sad, but simple.

Published by Jason Looney

Husband, father, grandfather, Patriot. If you’re looking for a good influence…keep looking.

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