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I was listening to one of my favorite podcast recently and one of the things discussed was, of course, COVID. It’s absurd that we can’t get through a single day anymore without some focus on it. But, I digress…

What was said that I have been pondering was the correlation between COVID deaths and co-morbidity. The one most common is obesity.

The train of thought that followed was really about how that came to be. The host and guest discussed that there should be equal, if not more, focus on obesity as an epidemic, eating right, and making healthier choices. But we as Americans allow ourselves to be unhealthy. We want the quick fix, get slim now, make my life perfect pill. That’s not reality. Being healthy is work, a lot of which is mental work and self discipline. That’s where most people fail.

Now, we’re tying everything about our personal health to COVID. Our government and pharmaceutical companies are telling us their vaccine is the only cure. Why are they not educating people on better nutrition and a more active lifestyle?

I’d like to tell you that it’s complicated, but it’s really not. The government and pharmaceutical companies don’t make money from healthy people. It’s really that simple. Sad, but simple.

Dr. Faucenstein

As previously positioned, the government’s response to COVID is fraudulent. We aren’t looking at anything beyond a vaccine and booster for a long term approach. A person with serious symptoms won’t be helped by a vaccine; it won’t keep them out of the hospital. A vaccine, especially this one, won’t even keep you from getting it. Real treatment for COVID including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been discredited by the establishment. We’re being fed a narrative that the vaccine and masks are our only hope, and that those choosing not to get it are evil or selfish. Why?

We’re ignoring science, at this point, and using fear to make a select few very rich. Dr. Faucenstein’s fear machine has many Americans convinced they’ll die without a mask and a jab. It’s ludicrous.

First of all, I am pro-vaccine. I have the COVID vaccine on board, just like I get a flu shot every year. But I’m under no illusion that offers immunity from contracting COVID. It may lessen the symptoms, it may not. However, the sole reason that I chose to get the shot under these circumstances was because my livelihood was threatened if I didn’t. Otherwise, I likely would’ve waited for a traditional vaccine with better efficacy. Also, I don’t think the vaccine will kill me.

I am however whole heartedly against mandates, of any kind. What gives a micro-group of our society the right to tell me I have to inject something into my body? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. As far as mask mandates, there are several reports that most masks have zero impact on stopping the spread.

Again, we’re being fed a ton of horseshit that is making a few folks incredibly rich. Hell, I wish I owned stock in Pfizer, M3, and J&J. I’d be retired –

Why are Americans so afraid? Because our government says we should be? We have a Bill of Rights specifically to protect us against a tyrannical government. It’s time to grow our spines back.

Right the ship

I think it’s fair to say that most Americans aren’t happy with our government. Why would we be? Congress and The White House are about as corrupt, dishonest, and as far removed from what was intended than any of us can imagine.

We’ve taken to a very polar, tribal way of identifying ourselves and our beliefs. There’s a very “if you’re not with me you’re against me” attitude in society that was planted, and is being cultivated, by the government. If we’re busy fighting each other, we won’t notice all the horrible shit our government is doing supposedly on our behalf; all while making it virtually impossible to get rid of them.

So, what is it going to take for the collective American people to be fed up enough to put aside our differences and address the real problem? It’s not hard to see our current trajectory isn’t healthy. Will it take civil war? If that happens, what role will the Federal government play?

We’re living the hunger games, although not quite so severe. We have 50 different states, in different states of development and prosperity being manipulated by one white haired lunatic in the capital.

The first step in fixing this mess is to dial back the power we’ve handed over to Congress. Term limits for Congress of no more than 12 years, a significantly reduced benefit package after service, and measures to remove those deemed ineffective or working contrary to the constituents that voted for them would be a god start. It’s time to remove the Pelosis, Schumers and McConnels of our Congress. Our leaders take an oath of office and it’s time they were held to that oath. Finally, a committee including civilian, non-Congress members, should be used to review actions by any Congress person for constitutionality. Anyone found in violation of the Constitution, should be removed from office immediately.

What do the readers think?

COVID Conspiracy

What does this have to do with Liberty or Freedom? Before I answer that, let me say that the COVID virus is 100% real. There is no question that it’s real, it has real effects, and people have died from it. The conspiracy lies in our government’s response to it.

After listening to the media, that is largely untruthful or inaccurate, podcasters, and professionals, I believe that our government intentionally ignores viable and affordable treatment options in order to profit. Once trusted entities have orchestrated a scenario where the American people have been coerced to believe that their only option is a vaccine. The vaccines generate billions and because of this, the American people are being mandated to take the vaccine or face poverty. This deliberate and calculated attack on our Liberty should alarm every American, but it won’t. We do have a significant percentage of the population that will follow the narrative out of ignorance, laziness, or worse, fear.

This fear and relationship with our government is at large, a perversion of capitalism. I believe that this relationship has cultivated the movement toward socialism/communism in factions of this country. So, those of us that are anti-socialism/communism can blame the corrupt perversion of capitalism for creating the movement.

This being my first post on this blog, I hope to elicit engagement so I’ll end here to see what any readers think.

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