Right the ship

I think it’s fair to say that most Americans aren’t happy with our government. Why would we be? Congress and The White House are about as corrupt, dishonest, and as far removed from what was intended than any of us can imagine.

We’ve taken to a very polar, tribal way of identifying ourselves and our beliefs. There’s a very “if you’re not with me you’re against me” attitude in society that was planted, and is being cultivated, by the government. If we’re busy fighting each other, we won’t notice all the horrible shit our government is doing supposedly on our behalf; all while making it virtually impossible to get rid of them.

So, what is it going to take for the collective American people to be fed up enough to put aside our differences and address the real problem? It’s not hard to see our current trajectory isn’t healthy. Will it take civil war? If that happens, what role will the Federal government play?

We’re living the hunger games, although not quite so severe. We have 50 different states, in different states of development and prosperity being manipulated by one white haired lunatic in the capital.

The first step in fixing this mess is to dial back the power we’ve handed over to Congress. Term limits for Congress of no more than 12 years, a significantly reduced benefit package after service, and measures to remove those deemed ineffective or working contrary to the constituents that voted for them would be a god start. It’s time to remove the Pelosis, Schumers and McConnels of our Congress. Our leaders take an oath of office and it’s time they were held to that oath. Finally, a committee including civilian, non-Congress members, should be used to review actions by any Congress person for constitutionality. Anyone found in violation of the Constitution, should be removed from office immediately.

What do the readers think?

Published by Jason Looney

Husband, father, grandfather, Patriot. If you’re looking for a good influence…keep looking.

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